The one we call "GOD" is an Alien

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The Bible is a book full of contradictions !

Genesis 1:26

Who is "our"? Why is God talking like a group?

Genesis 6:1-2

Who are the sons of God ?

Genesis 6:4

This describes mighty men known as the sons of God who mated with humans. Just about all the ancient books describe these giants. Keep in mind that if aliens had come from a planet with lower gravity, they would be extremely tall, and sport large chests. Similar to the giants.

Genesis 19:1-28

Describes or relates some sort of a catastrophe countdown, wherein the 'angels' of God tell the prophet "Lot" to hurry and get out of the city, into the mountains, and not to look at the explosion. Why the rush? Why a countdown ? In the Old Testament, Ezekiel describes in detail a visit by these Gods, and refers to fire from the vehicle, and gives a description of what we would see as an all-terrain vehicle. Apparently Ezekiel was so impressed by these that he kept describing the ship and vehicle over and over again.

Exodus 15:10 - Exodus 25:40

Noah was given the exact instructions and measurements for building the Ark, down to the inch. Also, it was described to be electrically charged, because things like sparks and flashes were said to be there. Was that perhaps a means of communication with the God ? The flood epic isn't confined to the pages of the Bible. It exists in just about every culture.
How did all of them come up with the same flood story ? Why ?

Was it perhaps that the aliens were attempting to breed an intelligent race of humans, and were attempting to destroy the experiments that they weren't satisfied with ?

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