The Mayans were an advanced civilization who inhabited the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans. The civilization consisted of several indigenous but related tribes and collectively they created a civilization which was on par with that of Ancient Greece in field of scientific advancements made.

The Mayans had a special penchant for time keeping. They understood time as something sacred and believed it their duty to keep track of the days. The Mayans had developed three separate calendars for different purposes:

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1. TZOLKIN: It was a 260-day calendar mend to keep track of religious ceremonies and other festivals.

2. HAAB: It was a 365-day solar calendar and kept track of ordinary days. It was very much like the calendar we use today.

3. LONG COUNT CALENDAR: It is this calendar which is so famous. The Mayans, it is believed, used this calendar to keep track of both the distant past and possibly, the ‘future’.

Because the Mayans considered time as a cyclic phenomenon, all three calendars were created in a way that they reset themselves after a certain period. The first two - Tzolkin and Haab’ - reset every 52 years but the Long Count Calendar reset after (roughly) 5,125 years and what has made this Long Count Calendar so famous is the fact that it is going to reset again on 21 December, 2012.

When the Europeans arrived on the American continent, all but four Mayan books were burnt so it is hard to exactly find out what the Mayans themselves thought of the Long Count Calendar. However, it is has been interpreted, from the what little survives, that the Mayans believed that the Gods had destroyed three races of humans for not keeping track of time - Mayans themselves considered it a sacred duty - and considered themselves the fourth race.

There are some modern researchers too, who claim to have found a relation between what is going to happen in 2012 and the Maya Calendar (Long Count) and:


John Jenkins, an American author and independent researcher, has combined this interpretations of what the Maya knew with modern astronomy.

It is an established fact that on 21 December 2012, the Earth, the Sun and the Galactic Center are going to be in a straight line (galactic alignment). Call it a coincidence or what but the Long Count Calendar also ends on the same day.

On the basis of this John Jenkins asserts that the Mayans were aware of this phenomenon and performed several rituals on the day.


This author believes that the human society has reached a phase of development and expects the coming of the Golden Age, as described in Quetzalcoat (a Mayan myth), in 2012.

Another author and professor, Jose Arguelles, argues for the abandonment of “artificial” Georgian Calendar (the calendar we use) and employ, instead, more “natural” Maya Calendar to facilitate the coming of Golden Age.


Terence McKenna, and author and metaphysician, studied an ancient Chinese book I Ching (or Yi Jing) and concluded that history would reach a climax in 2012. It would be a time, during which, everything that can happen will happen. It was only later that he heard that the Maya Calendar had was resetting on the same date.
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