Hundreds of Muslims gathered in front of the Salawatia Mosque in Gumani a suburb of Tamale to hear the annual event of the unfolding of some Islamic scriptures by Sheikh Imam Rashid Hussein.

Sheikh Imam Rashid who is the leader and head of the Salawatia Muslim Mission in Ghana among other projections into the year 2010 hinted that the world is likely to experience major territorial conflicts that could de-generate into World War III.

He also projected that there will be the re-emergence of military take over of duely elected Heads of State the world over if the United Nations fail to use tactful dipolmacy to avert the calamities that could necessitate the World War III.

According to Sheikh Imam Rashid affectionately known as Qutub Az-Zamaan in the Ismaic World, there will be an astronomical increase in infant mortality especially male children and outbreaks of epidemics as well as the commoness of mental disorders in all parts of the World.
He added that there will be also be incidents of plane crashes, sinking of ships on the high seas and natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

Imam Rashid recalled the Air-France disaster that claimed 288 lives in the Gulf of Brazil, the Dagbon calamity and his recent call for the need to cleans Ghana spiritually as a result his outburst on Albinos who were sacrificed for political power in the last elections conducted in Ghana, as some of his projections that occured in the year 2009 as a result of negligence on the part of world leaders who failed to perform the sacrifices he recommended.

The Salawatia Leader and Chief Imam however disclosed that there will food sufficiency and economic progression in the world particularly in Ghana this year.

Sheikh Imam Rashid thereby recommended that Heads of State,the traditional authority, family heads and individuals should extend a helping hand to the needy in society to avert some of the predicted calamities ahead.

He further called on Muslim leaders all over the world to organize 150 Quranic recitations and slaughter six white and and six brown cows and feed the less privileged persons in society.

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