Avtres Propheties de M.Nostradamus, Pour les Ans Courans en Ce Siecle.


Siecle nouueau, alliance nouuelle,Vn Marquisat mis dans la nacelle,A qui plus fort des deux l'emportera,D'vn Duc d'vn Roy, gallere de Florance,Port à Marseil, Pucelle dans la France,De Catherine fort chef on rasera.

New century, new alliance,A Marquisate put in the bark,To him who the stronger of the two will carry it off,Of a Duke and of a King, falley of Florence,Port at Marseilles, the Damsel in France,The chief fort of Catherine will be razed.


Que d'or d'argent fera despendre,Quand Comte voudra Ville prendre,Tant de mille & mille soldats,Tuez, noyez, sans y rien faire,Dans plus forte mettra pied terre,Pigmée ayde des Censuarts.

How much gold and silver will have to be spentWhen the Count will desire to take the town,Many thousands and thousands of soldiers,Drowned, killed, without doing anything there,In stronger land will he set foot,Pygmy aid by the Copy-holders.


La Ville sans dessus dessous,Renuersée de mille coupsDe canons: & forts dessous terre:Cinq ans tiendra: le tout remis,Et lasche à ses ennemis,L'eau leur fera apres la guerre.

The Town without above below,Overturned by a thousand shotsFrom cannons: and fortifications underground:Five years will it hold: everything delivered up,And left for its enemies,The water will make war upon them afterwards.


D'vn rond, d'vn lis, naistra vn si grand Prince,Bien tost, & tard venu dans sa Prouince,Saturne en Libra en exaltation:Maison de Venus en descroissante force,Dame en apres masculin soubs l'escorse,Pour maintenir l'heureux sang de Bourbon.

Of a circle, of a lily, there will be born a very great Prince,Very soon, and late come into his Province,Saturn in Libra in exaltation:The House of Venus in decreasing force,The Lady thereafter masculine under the bark,In order to maintain the happy Bourbon blood.


Celuy qui la Principauté,Tiendra par grande cruauté,A la fin verra grand phalange:Par coup de feu tres dangereux,Par accord pourroit faire mieux,Autrement boira suc d'Orange.

He who the PrincipalityWill hold through great cruelty,He will see his great phalanx at its end:By very dangerous gunshot,By agreement he could do better,Otherwise he will drink Orange juice.


Quand de Robin la traistreuse entreprise,Mettra Seigneurs & en peine vn grand Prince,Sceu par la Fin, chef on luy tranchera:La plume au vent, amye dans Espagne,Poste attrappé estant dans la campagne,Et l'escriuain dans l'eauë se jettera.

When the treacherous enterprise of RobinWill cause Lords and a great Prince trouble,Known by Lafin, his head will be cut off:The feather in the wind, female friend to Spain,The messenger trapped while in the country,And the scribe will throw himself into the water.


La sangsuë au loup se ioindra,Lorsqu'en mer le bled defaudra,Mais le grand Prince sans enuie,Par ambassade luy donraDe son bled pour luy donner vie,Pour vn besoin s'en pouruoira.

The leech will attach itself to the wolf,When the grain will sink into the sea,But the great Prince without envy,Through his embassy he will give himOf his own grain to give him life,He will provide himself with it for time of need.


Vn peu deuant l'ouuert commerce,Ambassadeur viendra de perse, Nouuelle au franc pays porter:Mais non receu, vaine esperanceA son grand Dieu sera l'offance,Feignant de le vouloir quitter.

Shortly before the opening of commerce,An ambassador will come from Persia,To bring news to the Frank land:But unreceived, vain hope,It will be an offense to his great God,Pretending to desire to abandom him.
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