Who is The Anti-Christ ?

"He knows [he] is in the Middle East somewhere...He says this Anti-Christ at the present time (1986) is a young man at a very crucial time in his life.

He will be a threat to all, but particularly to the east because he will be successful in conquering both China and Russia, and will have the entire Asian continent under his control.

Russia will be his first major Asian conquest and he will not do it through force but through guile. He will take advantage of the world situation to make his move to power. And he will succeed. He, surprisingly enough, will refuse to use nuclear weapons and do this through conventional warfare.

He saves the nuclear weapons for other unspeakable deeds. He will have connections with Libya and Syria...At the present time [1986] he is in Egypt."

Kadaffi is helping set the stage for he Anti-Christ

Considering the world situation in 1986 it was not surprising that Ms. Cannon asked her client to ask Nostradamus if either Muammar al-Gaddafi or the Ayatollah Khomeni was this third Anti-Christ.

Nostradamus replied that Gaddafi is helping set the stage in that part of the world for the Anti-Christ to rise to power, but that as the years progress he will become increasingly more crazy so that when the major conflict is reached he will no longer be capable of handling anything or functioning.

He said that the Ayatollah was too old, and that the Anti-Christ would not arise until later: One [of these men] will be dead and the other will have passed from power.


He says that this refers to the earth changes that will be taking place, that the Anti-Christ will be taking advantage of in the process of his world conquest.

In central Europe, southern Europe and in the Near East, particularly around the eastern end of the Mediterranean, there'll be several severe floods, the Anti-Christ will move his troops in under the disguise of helping the people restore order in the wake of these disasters.


He says that the first event, the atomic weapon being dropped by one of the Middle Eastern countries, will spark off yet another war.

Other countries, particularly European and Western nations, will feel they need to interfere to try to stop the war because of oil & fuel. So when the European countries try to interfere, the same crazed leader that dropped an atomic weapon before, will use up the rest of his arsenal on Europe.

This leader is not the Anti-Christ.

What purpose this leader serves, since this leader is crazed is that he weakens the major nations so that the third Anti-Christ will be able to rise to power with little or no opposition." Could he be describing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ? If Israel attacks Iran, he will rise to power again, (at the moment people don't want him anymore, ... Protests in Iran against M. Ahmadinejad) maybe when Israel attacks, people will support Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again ...


He says this quatrain refers to the pope that will come between the present pope (Who died in 2005) and the last pope. This one (Benedict) will have a short reign. He says that some of the political blunders and mistakes made by this pope is what makes it easier for the last pope to be a tool of the Anti-Christ. (Political blunders and Mistakes : About the Prophet Mohammed)


The pope following Pope John Paul II will be assassinated by the Anti-Christ's forces in order that a pope under their control (Petrus Romanus)can be set in his place. It is this last pope that will bring about the downfall of the Catholic Church. Here's what Nostradamus was reported saying about him:


This man will have a physical deformity of some sort. Either of the shoulder or of the foot. He was born that way. His parents were involved with the Nazi movement in France.


The lame priest refers to the French pope who is of service to the Anti-Christ. He voluntarily contributes the inner resources of the information that he, as pope, has access to.

Information that the Anti-Christ could not have gotten in a million years just through his spies, had the pope remained true to the other side.

Nostradamus reports that the Anti-Christ will focus much attention on undermining the authority of the Catholic Church. One thing he will do, with the help of the last pope, is ransack the Vatican Library.


He will do this by revealing all the controversial things he finds that are hidden away in the Vatican Library. (The Lost Book of Nostradamus?)

Things the church has declared people should not read for it would be threatening to their faith. He will be sure that these things are distributed about. He also notes, however:


It will bring to light information and facts and knowledge that have been suppressed for several centuries. In a way the Anti-Christ will be doing a good thing by ransacking the Vatican Library. Because later on that knowledge will be open to the whole world and available for everyone to use.
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