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The Hopi Indians, Hudson Taylor, John Koyle, A.C. Valdez, Jr., Hanneh Elias Aghaby, Reg King, Kenneth E. Hagin, Edith Ward Heflin, A.A. Allen, Zelma Kirkpatrick, Paul J. Cunningham, Daisy Osborn, Linda Conner, Daniel Rodes, William M. Branham, Gerald Derstine, Evelyn Eagle, David Michael, Chuck Aho, Roxanne, Brant, Timothy Sheaff, Chuck Youngbrandt, Timothy Grant Snodgrass, Gary Rogel, Rick Joyner, Ann Soleman, Sarah Hoffman, Nita Johnson, Cindy Morrow, Roy M., David Whyte, Jim Titus, Ed Hintz, George Washington, Robert T. Heath, Mary Stewart Relfe, Rex B. Veron, Linda Brocato, Thea Eros De Bethlenfalva.

David Wilkerson, Maurice Sklar, Jonah Ben Noah, Joseph Long, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Gary Goodwin, Dawn Singelakis, Henry Gruver, Bobby Martz, Pat Kraner, Tom Beem, Tom Heward, Annie Schisler, Julie Joyner, Stephen L. Bening, Pete Kasbohm, Tim Herring, Celia R. Okhuysen, Raymond Aguilera, Jordan Smith, Dumitru Duduman, Bud Wilmot, Paula Downs, Bill Hamon, David E. Taylor, Tom Deckard, Yusuf Rai, Mrs. James J. Pickens, Thomas S. Gibson, Bryant Holmes, Mark S. Watson, David Eells, Bill Somers, Jim Hopper, Edgar C. Gaillie, Gloria Campbell, Mary McGuire, Gary Miller, Kathy Kritz, Vincent Aquilino, Larry Bailey, D. K. Jones, Bob Jones, LaVonne Parke, Jonathan Hansen, Billy Blakenship.

David Failla, Jan Walker, Jean DeCarlo, Jeannette L. Vetter, Robert Holmes, Newswatch Magazine, William Deagle, Sister Hattie, Gene Anderson, Marjorie Glemaker, Ed Hawk Graham, Nona Grant, Todd Jumper, Sara DeMeulenare, David White, Carol Yoder, Alex Puyol, Gaylene Womack, Daniel E. Bohler, Hollie L. Moody, Marlys Hardcastle, Jim Nicely, Nicky Pan, Edith Farmer, Richard Keltner, Ann Peterson.

Willicia Rucker, Jerry Golden, Paul Douglas Anderson, Jr., Alison Papenfus, Bonnie Franklin, Sister Carolu, Paul & Judy Benson, Conan C. Harris, Gail Smith, Margie Nelson, Jennifer & Mickey Chance, Rod Shirk, Bonnie Carter, James Lackey, Michael Roell, Angel Dahilig, Louise Rosenburg-Meiszner, Alistair Petrie, Kevin Nugent, Joe Sink, Samuel Arroyo, Brother Pruett, Mark Lerseth, Becky Mauch, Stephen A. Hanson, Carol Harp, Michael Boldea, Jr., Stan Johnson, Gary Carroll, Kathleen Keating, Susan Cummings, Tommy Franks, Brother Philip, Aritina Patlagica, Raul Oseguera, Lisa Pontarelli, Vincent Xavier, Cris Radic, Brother John.

David J. Meyer, Carl Marsinek, Samuel Garcia, Eric Graham, Linda & John Mathews, Martha Lange, Pattie Trovato, Paul Maxwell, Julie Turner, Garry Coston, Kim Weir, Lanora Van Arsdall, Mike Tucker, Olivia Long, Tony Price, Michael Boldea Jr., Tony Price, Sister Betty, Tony & Vicky Hinton, Brother tom, Priscilla Van Sutphin, Pat Novak, Job Orjiokej, John Mark Pool, Sieg Kuh, Wendy Alec, Samuel Whiteside, Caroline Johnson, David W. Kocurek, Sr., Brother Don A., Mary Anderson, Charles Hagadon, Ricki Goral, Gwen Shaw, Neville Johnson.

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variation hebrew maitreya
Seven Calculate to six hundred

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Sixty six 666 Predictions about the Emerge of Maitreya Anti christ to appear at time of catastrophic events Biblical The Biblical Day of the Lord begins with a Polar Shift of the earth  period of judgement will include earthquakes, meteor impacts Rev 8:8 major famines and plagues intense heat from the sun, and many other catastrophic events The Antichrist will replace free-market capitalism The global economy will be immediately affected by the preliminary events of Revelation End-times Babylon cease to function as the world's economic center Rev.18 The Antichrist will replace free-market capitalism with a single economic system connected with the Mark of the Beast Revelation 13

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