Ed Dames Prophecy


On the Coast to Coast show (April 9, 2009) remote viewer Maj. Ed Dames issued some dire warnings of future events. Here is a rundown of what he sees coming: 1. Carson City, NV Quake (Before November 2009) In five to six months a powerful quake, probably in the 6.5 to 7 range will hit near Carson City, NV.

2. Israel will attack Iran (Before November 2009) In that same time frame, Israel will attack Iran, in what he called an Armageddon-like situation.

3. Global Economy Forecast (No Date) The global economic collapse is just beginning and will be especially bad this summer.

4. Gold Prediction (No date) Gold will rise in price to $2000 an ounce.

5. Bird Flu Pandemic (No Date) A coming Bird Flu epidemic will further damage the economy.

6. North Korea (No Date) The North Koreans are going to use a nuclear weapon, and the Chinese will allow it. This will further tax US military forces.

7. Solar Killshot (Before 2014) Within five years, the solar “killshot” will occur, with the sun emitting some very large solar flares. The first series of flares will take down all electrical infrastructure. People may need to be underground, and have fresh sources of water to survive.

8. Alien Contact (After 2014) ET races have been observing humankind. Another race similar to humans in appearance will help us rebuild after the catastrophes.

Ed Dames Prophecy