Prophecies for 2018

Prophecies For 2018

Prophecy 2018 – 1

If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living in Natural Time, yes this prophecy will return year after year.

Prophecy 2018 – 2

The 266th (last according St Malachy) Pope Francis is in great danger in 2017 – 2020.

Prophecy 2018 – 3

President Trump will stop Muslim terrorists from 7 (God the Holy Spirit … 7 is the number of “completeness”) nations of entering the United States.

Prophecy 2018 – 4

President Trump will make great changes in the world as he is not one of the Illuminati & the circle of Evil. He will talk like the simple man, not as a politician. Donald Trump is not one of them, he is one of men, but he will not be perfect, just as nobody is perfect. .

Prophecy 2018 – 5

Earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, tornadoes and mass animals dying. These things are just a fraction of the destroying forces raging throughout our world in 2017. (See Prophecy 10) !

Prophecy 2018 – 6

On the world stage, China could make bold moves to cure the “economic imbalance” in the world with far-reaching effects. China will grow military and become bigger and bigger. China is (in secret) working together and is helping North Korea.

Prophecy 2018 – 7

Italy could face more financial hardship with rising unemployment and loans making it the “epicentre” of a new eurozone crisis after the BreXit. The country looks set to experience economic turmoil and a deepening banking crisis. Another nation will take steps to leave the EU in 2020/2022.

Prophecy 2018 – 8

A popular prophecy is said to predict a new truce between Russia and Ukraine but i do not see it this way… It will be a false truce. Vladimir Putin will say he is searching for peace but is not. A new Cold War, a second cold war is started and cannot be stopped !!!

Prophecy 2018 – 9

Volcanic activity will proceed major earthquakes If there are greater activities in the volcanoes on Iceland, Vesuvius or Pelee volcano on the northern tip of the French overseas department of Martinique in the Lesser Antilles island arc of the Caribbean. then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada.

Prophecy 2018 – 10

The Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 will bring great changes to earth. This solar eclipse will be a warning of impending natural catastrophe / human disaster, and also will involve the warning of a war that the United States, Russia, China, Iran, N-Korea and Israel will be entangled in. This prophecy could flow into the year 2019-2020 !!!

Prophecy 2018 – 11

Be aware of Turkey, because Turkey is a false prophet !!! Turkey could even be leading a coalition of middle eastern countries to make (economic) war against The West and Israel. This will all come about during a time when “Peace and Security” is being proclaimed. Watch this prophecy in the coming years (2018 to 2022). IF Turkey becomes a member of the EU, this will be the END of the EU !!!

Prophecy 2018 – 12

Turkey will be on the side of Russia and China when a Third World War starts !

Prophecies for 2018

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