Hamas – By Peace They Will Deceive The World !

By Peace They Will Deceive The World

While the lovers and supporters of Israel both on the right and the left celebrate the diplomatic victory of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu over President Barack Obama, the prospects for Israel in regards to its security and standing in the world is very daunting with many threats that are obvious still remain evident, however there are even more serious threats that are not so obvious and are quickly coming to the surface.

In order to understand the not so obvious we must know and understand the mindset and character of the Middle East. Our organization being made up of former Muslims from that very part of the world who understand far better the mindset, strategies, and tactics used by the Islamic world as well as the culture and religion of Arabs both Christian and Muslim.

The Arab world has just witnessed a reinvigoration of the alliance of Israel and the people of the United States despite the hostility of the executive office in the White House. The key factor for peace in the Middle East from the Western perspective, especially the US, is the recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state living side by side in peace with Palestine.” The smart Muslim leaders who understand this, will play right into this ideal and will provide the “Hudna” which will recognize Israel as Jewish state. The evidence for such a policy is in full view if you know where to look and you understand the Islamic mindset.

It is Turkey that is recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood and all fundamentalist Sunni Muslims as the head the Caliphate. It is prophesized in the Muslim holy books that the Ottoman Empire will come again and prior to the coming of the Mahdi. According to the Hadith, on the day of Judgement the Mahdi will lead all the Muslims to march on Jerusalem and destroy all the Jews. As the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the Middle East over the next two years, they will look to Turkey to lead the Muslim world. If you study the Muslim Brotherhood ideals and its interpretation of Islam, they state this very clearly and repeat it over and over again in their rhetoric. The standard text for the day of Judgement: come o slave of Allah, the trees will cry out that there are Jews hiding behind them, so Muslims should come and kill them (the Jews).

In 2002 The AKP party was the first Islamist political party to gain power since Turkey became a secular country in 1920, and they have held power continuously up to the present. This is significant in the rejuvenation of the Ottoman Empire and if one is paying attention, Turkey is increasing its influence and forming alliances both in the Sunni and Shia countries in the Middle East. The Islamist revolution in Turkey is not quite complete as the Islamist needs to wrestle control of the military, which is still secular, but once the Islamists complete the military take over, Israel as well as the West will be in mortal peril. Turkey poses a much larger potential threat than Iran with its massive army with only the USA and Russia being larger. Turkey has already changed its stance on Israel from friend to a cold peace with a strong political animus against Israel. We just need to look at the flotilla incident last year to understand this change.

The USA government is well aware of this threat as was pointed out by the Wiki Leaks revelations of late last year. Wiki Leaks showed that the state department was frustrated over Turkey being Islamist, but publicly makes no issue of this problem.

On May 21st the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul (name means slave of Allah the beast) was reported by Reuters to have urged Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist. As Turkey’s influence grows they will be in position to finalize and arrange a peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel with Hamas recognizing Israel. However in order to understand the reality this will not bring peace but will be the famous Islamic “Hudna” which according to the Bible is the “covenant of death” mentioned in Isaiah 28 that will cause the war in order to attempt to destroy Israel in the end.

The objective of the Muslim world will be to use peace in order to deceive Israel and the West. We have always seen in the past our desire for peace especially from the Jewish people. This treaty will be based on a full recognition of Israel and fool them into signing and agreeing to this false peace, which at best will last less than four years. The world will celebrate peace in our time once again, but in the end will bring about the greatest war this world will ever witness.

By Peace They Will Deceive The World