Economic Collapse Prophecies of Gerald Celente

Economic Collapse Prophecies of Gerald Celente !

Gerald Celente is the founder of the Trends Research Institute, and he has made a number of highly accurate predictions in the past. He predicted the rise of gold as an alternative store of monetary value, the popularization of hyper-local, organic food commodities, and the economic collapse.

In an interview with Russia Today, Celente predicted that in 2011, every citizen is going to realize that the Great Recession the world has been living through is actually a Great Depression. He also predicted that we will see an increase in cyber war and cyber crime and the rise of the “progressive libertarian” movement.

Great Resession – Great Depression

Celente predicts that in 2011 every citizen is going to realize that the current recession is actually a Great Depression. He explained how the Federal Reserve made $20 trillion worth of no-interest or extremely low-interest loans to banks around the world. “There is no recovery, it’s a cover-up. They’re covering it up with stimulus packages, with buy outs, with bailouts -it’s not going to fix the problem.

We cannot imagine them coming up with another scheme where they are going to be able to continue, whether it is in the US or the EU, to print this digital money not worth the paper it’s not printed on.” He went on to explain that governments continue these schemes with funds they “extract them from the little people” with austerity measures. “This is where the revolution is going to happen,” said the trend forecaster. “The youth of the world, and particularly in the United States, has mountains of debts to climb and no way to get to the top.”

Cyber War

Celente predicted an increased use of the Internet for WikiLeaks-style “Journalism 2.0” to “exposing the corruptness, the ineptitude and the double dealing going on that [governments and corporations] don’t want the public to know about.” He described how government is trying to fight back by “using cyber war and the war on terror to take that Internet freedom away from America. … But after 2011, the game’s gonna run out. … The Internet has become the great connector. They all know what’s going on. They’re all Facebook. They’re all together. They have a system where they’re interacting and relating. It’s a different kind of social network than the other one, but the same.”

“The worse conditions get, the more you’re going to see cyber crime. The worse economic conditions go globally, the more you’re going to see cyber wars. It’s going to be a new element of warfare. It’s an Internet nuclear bomb waiting to go off. You can bring down entire financial systems, stop bank transfers. You can blow apart, without ever having to light a fuse, a whole stock exchange… Every major computer-connected industry or service is a potential target for cyber war.” Read the Full Article at Suspiciousnews !

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