Prophecies and predictions of Merlin Myrddin Prophecy

Prophecies and predictions of Merlin / Myrddin

Prophecy 1

Woe to the Red Dragon, for his banishment hastens on. His lurking holes shall be seized by the White Dragon, which signifies the Saxons whom you (Vortigern) invited over; but the Red denotes the British nation, which shall be oppressed by the White. Therefore shall its mountains be leveled as the valleys and the rivers of the valleys shall run with blood.

Prophecy 2

The exercise of religion shall be destroyed, and churches be laid open to ruin. At last the oppressed shall prevail, and oppose the cruelty of foreigners. For a Boar of Cornwall shall give his assistance, and trample their necks under his feet.

Prophecy 3

The islands of the ocean shall be subject to his power, and he shall possess the forests of Gaul (France). The house of Romulus shall dread his courage, and his end shall be uncertain. He shall be celebrated in the stories of the people, and his exploits shall be as meat and drink to those who relate them.

Prophecy 4

Six of his heirs shall sway the scepter, but after them shall arise a German Worm. This worm shall be exalted by a Sea wolf, whom the woods of Africa shall accompany.

Prophecy 5

Religion shall again be abolished, and there shall be a movement of the metropolitan Sees. The dignity of London shall adorn Dobernia, and the seventh Pastor of York shall be visited in the kingdom of Armorica.

Prophecy 6

A shower of blood shall rain, and a raging famine shall afflict mankind. When these things happen, the Red Dragon shall grieve, but when his fatigue is over he shall recover his strength. Then shall misfortunes hasten upon the White Dragon, and the buildings of his gardens be pulled down.

Prophecy 7

Seven who hold the Scepter shall be killed, one of them shall become a saint.

Prophecy 8

The bellies of mothers shall be ripped up, and infants be aborted. There shall be a most grievous punishment of men, that the natives may be restored. He that shall do these things shall be The Man of Bronze and upon a Brazen Horse shall guard the gates of London for a long time.

Prophecy 9

After this the Red Dragon shall return to his proper manners, and turn his rage upon himself. Therefore shall the revenge of The Thunderer show itself, for every field shall disappoint the husbandman. Death shall snatch away the people, and make a desolation over all the lands.

Prophecy 10

The remainder shall quit their native soil, and make foreign plantations.

Prophecy 11

A blessed King shall prepare a fleet, and be reckoned twelfth in the court among the Saints.

Prophecy 12

There shall be a miserable desolation of the kingdom, and the threshing floors shall become again forests. The White Dragon shall rise again, and invite over a daughter of Germany. Our gardens shall again be replenished with foreign seed and the Red Dragon shall pine away at the end of the pool.

Prophecy 13

After that shall the German Worm be crowned, and the Brazen prince will be buried. He has his bounds assigned to him which he shall not be able to pass. For a hundred and fifty years shall he continue in trouble and subjection, but shall bear sway three hundred.

Prophecy 14

Then shall the North Wind rise against him, and shall snatch away the flowers which the West wind has produced. There shall be gilding in the temples, but the cutting edge of the sword shall not cease to work.

Prophecy 15

The German Dragon will hardly get to his lair, because the revenge against his treason will overtake him. At last he shall flourish for a little time, but the decimation of Neustria (Normandy) will hurt him. For a people in wood and iron coats shall come and will take vengeance for his wickedness.

Prophecy 16

They shall restore the ancient inhabitants to their dwellings, and there shall be an open destruction of foreigners. The seed of the White Dragon shall be swept out of our gardens, and the remainder of its generation shall be decimated. They shall bear the yoke of slavery and shall wound their mother with spades and ploughs.

Prophecy 17

After this shall succeed two dragons, whereof one shall be killed with the sting of envy, but the other shall return under the cloak of authority. Then shall succeed a Lion of justice at whose roar the towers of Gaul and the island dragons shall tremble. In those days gold shall be squeezed from the lily and the nettle, and silver shall flow from the hooves of bellowing cattle.

Prophecy 18

Those who have frizzled hair shall put on various fleeces, and the outward habit shall denote the inward parts. The feet of barkers shall be cut off. Wild beasts shall enjoy peace, but mankind will bewail its punishment.

Prophecy 19

The form of commerce shall be divided, and the remaining half shall be round. The ravenousness of kits shall be destroyed, and the teeth of wolves blunted. The Lion’s whelps shall be transformed into sea fishes, and an eagle shall build her nest upon mount Aravius.

Prophecy 20

Venodotia shall grow red with the blood of mothers, and the house of Corineus kill six brethren. The island shall be wet with night tears so that all shall be provoked to all things. Woe to you Neustria (Normandy) because the lion’s brain shall be poured upon you, and he shall be banished with shattered limbs from his native soil.

Prophecy 21

Posterity shall endeavor to fly above the highest places; but the favor of newcomers shall be exalted. Piety shall hurt the possessor of things got by impiety, till he shall have put on the raiment of his Father. Therefore, being armed with the teeth of the boar, he shall ascend above the tops of mountains and higher than the shadow of the Helmeted Man.

Prophecy 22

Albania shall be enraged, and assembling her neighbors, shall be employed in shedding blood. There shall be put into her hands a bridle that shall be made on the coast of Armorica. The eagle of the broken covenant shall gild it over and rejoice in her third nest.

Prophecy 23

The roaring whelps shall watch, and leaving the woods, shall hunt within the walls of the cities. They shall make great slaughter of those that oppose them, and shall cut off the tongues of bulls. They shall load the necks of roaring lions with chains, and restore the times of their ancestors.

Prophecies and predictions of Merlin Myrddin Prophecy