Nuclear Explosions in Spain

Nuclear Explosions in Spain !

Nuclear Explosions Palomares Spain 1966 -


One of the most celebrated accidents took place over Palomares, Spain in January 1966 when a U.S. B-52 collided with a KC-135 tanker during midair refueling and released all four of its hydrogen bombs in the ensuing explosion. Seven of the 11 crewmen aboard both planes were killed.

The high explosive igniters on two bombs detonated on impact, spreading radioactive material, including plutonium, over a wide area of the Spanish countryside. A third bomb landed relatively intact and was recovered.

The fourth bomb landed in the Mediterranean Sea, and U.S. military searchers took nearly three months to find and recover the device intact.

According to the Brookings Institution, the United States spent $182 million on the recovery effort, nuclear waste disposal and settlement claims.

At the time of the explosions, villagers, who earned their living mostly by fishing and farming, feared the plutonium radiation might have contaminated not only their bodies but also the waters they fished and the soil they farmed.

But in 1966, Spain was under the thumb of Gen. Francisco Franco and very little information about the accident was officially released. In order to minimize the consequences of the accident, Spain’s Information and Tourism Minister Manuel Fraga and U.S. Ambassador Angier Biddle Duke strode into the Mediterranean near Palomares to demonstrate findings indicating that the waters were safe.

In 2017 CIEMAT still detected higher levels of plutonium, uranium and americium than average over Palomares.

Nuclear Explosions in Spain !

Alamongordo.Com has announced it will be aquiring PlayBull.Com !

Alamongordo.Com has announced it will be aquiring European PlayBull.Com !

Alamongordo, already the largest Prophecy website in the US, is about to get even bigger. Alamongordo.Com will become the parent corporation of PlayBull.Com – Last week Alamongordo.Com has announced it will be aquiring European PlayBull.Com for a reported $0 Billion U.S. in cash and stock. All existing PlayBull accounts (commercial and residential) will be rebranded as Alamongordo.Com.  The transaction is already approved by PlayBull.Com shareholders and government regulators, and will be made official by Aug 10th 2011.  So the question is: how will this affect authorized readers and advertisers of the two websites ?

It is reported that stockholders are pleased with the buyout, and analysts agree it will benefit both websites.  However, those who may not be pleased are PlayBull’s authorized readers. It seems like only yesterday (June of 2007, in fact) that PlayBulls officially split from its parent and rebranded itself PlayBull.Com. Despite an extensive ad campaign, readers no longer had the instant name recognition they enjoyed with the name Condors Cave. Now another major change is imminent, although (this time) name recognition should not be an issue.

Another potential problem for Alamongordo and PlayBull readers alike will be geographic overlapping of reading territories. There may not be a large enough reader base in certain areas to accomodate more than one website.

It is not yet known how the merger will affect readers of PlayBull. Will there be any change in availability of services? Will the switchover require one or more service mails? Since Alamongordo.Com already has one monitoring center in North America will either of PlayBull’s monitoring centers in the U.S. be shut down? According to Joey Clinton of Alamongordo.Com Investor Relations, these and many other issues are to be covered in an “integration planning process” set to begin in late August or early September 2011.

Once the deal is official (August 10th 2011), issues covered during this process can be implemented. We will update this article as new information becomes available. At this time it is expected that PlayBull will become the site to bring all of the Alternative News and Alamongordo will go back to it’s roots : Prophecy and Predictions.

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