The Euphrates will disclose mountain of gold

The Euphrates Will Disclose Mountain of Gold The final hour will not come until the river Euphrates (which flows through Syria and Iraq and finally opens in the Gulf) will disclose a mountain of gold over which people will fight and die. It should be noted that this is a sign, which will precede Imaam Mahdi only according to some Ulama.

Abu Huraira (R.A.) reported that the Messenger of Allah Peace and blessings be upon him said, ”The hour shall not occur until the Euphrates will disclose a mountain of gold  over which people will fight . Ninety- nine out of which hundred shall be killed and every one of them will say’ Perchance I shall be the one to succeed. ”(Muslim)

In another narration we have been told that whoever is present at the time when the Euphrates discloses a mountain of gold should not take the gold.