Berosus Prophecies


  • All terrestrial life and limb shall be consumed by fire during a planetary alignment in December of CE 2012.
  • The fire will be followed by a great flood when the same planets are conjoined in Capricorn.
  • The seer Berosus reportedly used his knowledge of history and astronomy to predict the end of the world: “I Berosus, interpreter of Bellus, affirm that all the earth inherits will be consigned to flame when the five planets assemble in Cancer, so arranged in one row that a straight line may pass through their spheres.
  • Berosus prediction that the conjunction of planets in Cancer and Capricorn would result in catastrophes is obviously more astrological than astronomical. But his followers point to scientific studies about the effects of Jupiter on the sun to support this far-fetched claim.
  • According to adherents of Berosus’ prophecy, increased sunspot activity caused by Jupiter has triggered earthquakes, and a conjunction of five planets on May 5, 2000 will have profound gravitational effects. Adherents say Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Mars will align with the earth on the other side of the sun.
  • Skeptical astronomers may argue that adherents of astrology have spent too much time in the sun.


Discover Magazine’s top 10 science story for 2012 !

Discover Magazine’s top 10 science story for 2012 !

Discover Magazine picked the likely discovery of the Higgs Boson particle by CERN as the No. 1 science story of 2012.

Discover Magazine Top 10

  1. Higgs Boson Particle by CERN !
  2. Opportunity’s landing on Mars !
  3. Mapping microbes in the human gut (possible cures to colitis, Chrones, asthma and cancer) !
  4. Earth’s extreme weather – Record ice melts, flooding, superstorms, etc. (very strange, a number of other climate change stories also made the top 100 stories, but Discover listed them separately, rather than as one issue.
  5. Older fathers create more genetic mutations in their children !
  6. Era of private spaceflight begins !
  7. Mind-controlled robots !
  8. Universe’s dark matter mapped !
  9. Social media causing sleep disorders !
  10. Natural gas boom !

Others in the top 100

11. Solar energy boom in Germany !

12. Alien planet found around Alpha Centuri !

22. Superstorm Sandy !

31. Arctic ice melt accelerates !

37. Hidden ocean found on Titan !

39. Changes made to psychiactric diagnostic manual !

40. Type of brain cancer found to be caused by genes fusing !

41. Arsenic based life form found in Mono Lake discredited !

44. Experiment showing particles going faster than light shown to be flawed; Einstein’s theory of relativity upheld !

45. Highest skydive ever at 128,000 feet !

47. Wolves removed from Endangered Species List; wolf hunting begins again in the U.S. !

56. Voyager I leaves edge of the solar system !

57. Mumps and measles rebound !

82. Whooping cough near-epidemic !

90. Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride die !

91. Ray Bradbury dies (not sure he was a scientist at all) !

99. Polio virus nearly extinct, but survives in Afghanisatan, Pakistan and Nigeria !

Top 10 science story for 2012

Source : Discovery Magazine