Ebola Virus Prophecies

Ebola Virus – Bible Prophecy & King James Bible Code Analysis

Ebola is a very deadly viruses that keep resurfacing as outbreaks in Africa. In 2014 there has been worsening Ebola outbreaks in Africa, and as of October 2014 the Ebola Virus is spreading worldwide, it started with an Ebola case in the U.S. in Dallas Texas. In 2014 there is a concern that the Ebola virus could mutate to go airborne and become a worldwide Doomsday pandemic. See my King James version Bible Code matrix on Ebola which has the word “airborne” in it. Will the Fourth Horseman Death ride as Ebola in 2015? Also: Can the Bible Code help us find the animal vector hiding place, the carrier host animal where the Ebola virus hides between outbreaks? This we will try to do. We will run the King James Bible Code to search for answers on the Ebola virus: where does it hide? There must be an animal host it hides in between outbreaks. The animal where it hides is a bat !

Ebola Prophecies for 2015 - Ebola Predictions 2015 - www.alamongordo.com

The Ebola outbreak that started in March 2014 in West Africa continues to spread, more than 4.000 (official) deaths so far. Is Ebola the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation, Death, riding in 2015? Will Ebola spread worldwide in 2015? Will Ebola virus have a mutation, mutate to become airborne, resulting in a world epidemic or pandemic Doomsday end of the world Apocalypse plague? Note that the spreading of the Ebola epidemic is related to the rise of the antichrist (Putin?), since the Ebola virus can twist into a 6 shape and 666 is the number of the antichrist.

Ebola virus genetic structure

The Ebola Filovirus has an RNA molecule with 18959 to 18961 nucleotides. Note that:

18960 = 316×60=79x4x60=158×120. Corresponding to 158: Revelation 15:8, King James version, “the seven plagues of the seven angels”. Note that Ebola has 7 structural proteins. Therefore, I would watch out for an Ebola strain having exactly 18960 nucleotides. Also: corresponding to 18960, Revelation 18:8-9, “plagues come in one day”. Also consider that Ebola related to 76 (First discovered in 1976), and Revelation 17:6 “I saw the woman drunken with the blood of saints”. Also, the Book of Daniel, which is also about the Antichrist: Daniel 7:6, a beast like a leopard – Antichrist. Daniel 7:9, returned Christ. Daniel 8:9, corresponding to 18960, “a little horn” – the Antichrist Putin.

*** Note that during Winter months Ebola will start spreading faster – From doubling every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks !!!

OLD TESTAMENT MATRIX – Genesis 17:5-25:32

Contains the words: AIRBORNE (ELS=2055), EBOLA, DEATH, MILLIONS, and therefore indicates Ebola may one day mutate to be airborne and spread to millions of people. Other relevant words in this matrix: THOUSANDS, BEHOLD THOU ART BUT A DEAD MAN, VIOLENTLY TAKEN AWAY. SAY DRINK, Ebola results in fever and thirst.

Ebola Prophecies 2015 - Old Testament Matrix - Genesis Predictions and Ebola Virus Visions - www.alamongordo.com

Also in other Old Testament matrix like Leviticus 5:3 – Leviticus 16:21 contain the words Ebola!