WebBot Prophecy : Total Collapse December 2012- June 2013

Total Collapse December 2012- June 2013

As i predicted last year, December 21 2012 will not be the End – On 12-21-2012 it will be the BEGINNING of the END.

Webbot Project – Clif’s Wujo From Clif High

Complexity : Multiple time lines,if the variables where infinite ,how would we ever be able to for-see the “right”one ,. Indra`s web hey ! The fractal multiverse We can not risk tampering with the time line before doing some physical fractal experiments with them – Toss the nobles is a sacred task of experimenting with them in a mimicking of what they did to us – and will yield a measurable probability of outcome Now get to work on a areo dynamic pie with massive slpat capacity and start building a catapult If anyone asks tell them the King of Canada said it was OK.

If the solar systemis helicalcentric, why do the planets move behind the Sun ?

If we are chasing the Sun, we meaning all the planets, then none of us should go behind the Sun, relative to the others. I don’t care what happens to all of us, just as long as the tenure of TPTB comes to an end and the Earth gets off on the right foot. I believe we need to be shaken, not stirred, if we are going to come to our true senses.

Shit happening is just what we need, to catch our attention and smarten us up. We should expect 90%+ of humans to be killed by the three phases. With the increased frequency of Earth, most of us won’t be suited to reincarnate here and we won’t.

Earth will be advancing and getting rid of those that don’t qualify, like TPTB but overall most humans just are not developed enough. Those that are left, will be the breeding stock but only adequate consciousness beings will be born. Eventually all of the lower consciousness beings die out, leaving only the higher consciousness.

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Source : Gerald Celente