Nostradamus and Donald Trump

Nostradamus and Donald Trump

Before we start, some people claim that Donald Trump is the Third AntichristI do not believe that, when you read the prophecies the Antichrist will fulfill, almost none of them connect to Donald Trump. For me, if he is a human … Vladimir Putin is still the Number 1 Antichrist !

These passages from Nostradamus are proof that he ‘predicted’ a Trump victory in 2016, apparently.

Michel de Nostradame, (latinised to: Nostradamus) was a French ‘seer’ who died in 1566 and wrote over a thousand predictions about the coming centuries, contained in Les Propheties. He wrote these as four line poems, organised into ‘quatrains’. Les Propheties was published as 10 volumes, each referred to as a ‘century‘.

The seer has been credited with predicting World War Two and the 11 September Attacks on New York City. Some believe that Century III, quatrain 81 refers to the 2016 presidential election.

The great shameless, audacious bawler,
He will be elected governor of the army:
The boldness of his contention,
The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.

That sounds about right. Especially given that on 20 January 2017, Trump became President and the Commander-in-Chief. Other predictions from Nostradamus have also been related to the 2016 US presidential election.

Nostradamus Prophecies About President Donald Trump -

The masculine woman will exert herself to the north
She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world.
Two failures will put her in such an imbalance
That both life and death will strengthen Eastern Europe

The ‘masculine woman’ could be Hillary Clinton, and the stronger Eastern Europe is Russia. So this Quatrain is talking about the things happened in 2016, the months before the election of Donald Trump.

The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one.

The false message about the rigged election could point to two things: Before the election Donald Trump talked about the rigged election of Hillary Clinton and the rigged polls from the media (he was correct about that). Or it could point to the so-called “hacking” from Russia to help Trump win the elections. The empire contracted to another one can also point to two things : It could mean that the “Elite” has no more control because Trump is elected and the empire (United States) is in the hands of the simple people with Trump as president. It could also be that because of the help from Russia (hacking, etc) Trump got elected and the empire is now in the hands of Russia.

The trumpet shakes with great discord.
An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.

From day 1 of his presidency Donald Trump started to make changes. He broke the TTP agreement and others will follow : NAFTA, The Iran Deal, ObamaCare, etc … Great discord could point to a divided nation.

Trump Nostradamus The Trumpet Revelation Alamongordo Prophecies 2017 2018 -

The republic of the great city
Will not want to consent to the great severity:
King summoned by trumpet to go out,
The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.

The Republic of the great city, pointing to the United States and the great city of New York. Summoned by Trumpet, ordered by Trump, The ladder at the wall … pointing to the “Mexican Wall” ?

The great Senate will ordain the triumph
For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out:
At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be
Put up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled.

This could point to the future, the impeachment of Donald Trump, vanquished and driven out. But it could also point to illegal immigrants vanquished and driven out at the sound of the Trumpet, when President Trump gives the order. The second line could also point to a “one term president”.

The false trumpet concealing madness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.

The False Trumpet could point to Donald Trump but could also point to a worldleader that want to look like Trump or someone within the Trump government will cause Byzantium (Could point to a part of Europe, Ukraine but most likely to Turkey or another middle east nation) to change it’s laws. Changing Laws could also point to laws within the United States. Changing laws could also point to Turkey changing sides, from NATO to Russia. Changing Money & Standards could point to Trump’s slogan “America First”.

The Donald Trump Prophecies of Nostradamus -

At the end, Donald Trump will be a “normal” president. He will not start World War III or something like that … Putin will start world war III 🙂

Nostradamus Comet


After the sign of the Hopi Indians (Blue star), the sign that in my opinion happened on Dec 11th 2009, the blue lights above Norway where at the time the climate meeting happened with more than 100 heads of state, read the ninth and last prophecy of the Hopi’s or watch CNN, there is a new sign : The comet predicted by Nostradamus ?

NASA scientists have spotted a comet in space being ‘eaten’ as it flies too close to the sun, Dailymail UK reported.

Nostradamus Prophecy QII-62 ! Mabus will then soon die and there will come a dreadful destruction of people and animals. Suddenly vengeance revealed, a hundred hands, thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass. Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra, De gens & bestes une horrible defaite: Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra, Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete

Footage captured by NASA’s solar-focused agency – Solar and Helioscopic Observatory (SOHO) – showed the Kreutz Sungrazer as it made its fateful approach. Experts say Kreutz Sungrazers are characterized by orbits that take them extremely close to the Sun. German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz theorized that they are fragments of one large comet that broke up several centuries ago. They are named after Kreutz, who first worked out that they were related.

Nostradamus Comet

The agency gathered the footage using a Coronagraph, which blocks the brightest object in an image, according to a SOHO spokeswoman. The Coronagraph allows activity around the sun – such as the comet’s approach – to be viewed. It is known as a ‘false eclipse’ and displays the actual footage of the comet’s final seconds, presented in a way that it can be seen by the naked eye. Since the launch of the SOHO satellite in 1995, hundreds of Kreutz comets, some only a few feet in diameter, have been discovered.

However, none have survived the section of their orbit closest to the sun, much like the comet captured in these images. But new clusters of Kreutz comets will approach the sun over the next few decades, treating stargazers to more spectacular shows, experts say. Comet Image Caption : The SOHO spacecraft captured the arcing orbit of a sungrazing comet as it approached the Sun (Jan. 3, 2010) and evaporated. The comet is believed to belong to the Kreutz family of comets that broke up from a much larger comet many hundreds of years ago. They are known to orbit close to the Sun.

This comet was one of the brightest sungrazing comets that SOHO has observed in its 14 years of operation. SOHO’s coronagraph instruments block out the Sun with an occulting disk; the white circle represents the size of the Sun. The comet was discovered on Jan. 2nd by Australian amateur astronomer Alan Watson, who was inspecting images obtained by STEREO-A’s Heliospheric Imager on Dec. 30, 2009. The bright object slowly moving right to left below the Sun in the wider field of view movie clip (blue) is Venus. In that clip a smaller Mercury can also be seen moving from the left edge to just about above the Sun.

Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet – Nostradamus Comet

Sixains of Nostradamus

The Sixains of Nostradamus

Nostradamus Sixains I

Avtres Propheties de M.Nostradamus, Pour les Ans Courans en Ce Siecle. I. Siecle nouueau, alliance nouuelle,Vn Marquisat mis dans la nacelle,A qui plus fort des deux l’emportera,D’vn Duc d’vn Roy, gallere de Florance,Port à Marseil, Pucelle dans la France,De Catherine fort chef on rasera.

New century, new alliance, A Marquisate put in the bark, To him who the stronger of the two will carry it off, Of a Duke and of a King, falley of Florence, Port at Marseilles, the Damsel in France, The chief fort of Catherine will be razed.

Nostradamus Sixains II

Que d’or d’argent fera despendre,Quand Comte voudra Ville prendre,Tant de mille & mille soldats,Tuez, noyez, sans y rien faire,Dans plus forte mettra pied terre,Pigmée ayde des Censuarts.

How much gold and silver will have to be spent When the Count will desire to take the town, Many thousands and thousands of soldiers, Drowned, killed, without doing anything there, In stronger land will he set foot, Pygmy aid by the Copy-holders.

Nostradamus Sixains III

La Ville sans dessus dessous,Renuersée de mille coupsDe canons: & forts dessous terre:Cinq ans tiendra: le tout remis,Et lasche à ses ennemis,L’eau leur fera apres la guerre.

The Town without above below, Overturned by a thousand shots From cannons : and fortifications underground : Five years will it hold : everything delivered up, And left for its enemies, The water will make war upon them afterwards.

Nostradamus Sixains IV

D’vn rond, d’vn lis, naistra vn si grand Prince,Bien tost, & tard venu dans sa Prouince,Saturne en Libra en exaltation:Maison de Venus en descroissante force,Dame en apres masculin soubs l’escorse,Pour maintenir l’heureux sang de Bourbon.

Of a circle, of a lily, there will be born a very great Prince,Very soon, and late come into his Province, Saturn in Libra in exaltation : The House of Venus in decreasing force, The Lady thereafter masculine under the bark,In order to maintain the happy Bourbon blood.

Nostradamus Sixains V

Celuy qui la Principauté,Tiendra par grande cruauté,A la fin verra grand phalange:Par coup de feu tres dangereux,Par accord pourroit faire mieux,Autrement boira suc d’Orange.

He who the Principality Will hold through great cruelty, He will see his great phalanx at its end : By very dangerous gunshot, By agreement he could do better, Otherwise he will drink Orange juice.

Nostradamus Sixains VI

Quand de Robin la traistreuse entreprise,Mettra Seigneurs & en peine vn grand Prince,Sceu par la Fin, chef on luy tranchera:La plume au vent, amye dans Espagne,Poste attrappé estant dans la campagne,Et l’escriuain dans l’eauë se jettera.

When the treacherous enterprise of Robin Will cause Lords and a great Prince trouble, Known by Lafin, his head will be cut off : The feather in the wind, female friend to Spain, The messenger trapped while in the country, And the scribe will throw himself into the water.

Nostradamus Sixains VII

La sangsuë au loup se ioindra,Lorsqu’en mer le bled defaudra,Mais le grand Prince sans enuie,Par ambassade luy donraDe son bled pour luy donner vie,Pour vn besoin s’en pouruoira.

The leech will attach itself to the wolf, When the grain will sink into the sea, But the great Prince without envy, Through his embassy he will give him Of his own grain to give him life, He will provide himself with it for time of need.

Nostradamus Sixains VIII

Vn peu deuant l’ouuert commerce,Ambassadeur viendra de perse, Nouuelle au franc pays porter:Mais non receu, vaine esperanceA son grand Dieu sera l’offance,Feignant de le vouloir quitter.

Shortly before the opening of commerce, An ambassador will come from Persia, To bring news to the Frank land : But unreceived, vain hope, It will be an offense to his great God, Pretending to desire to abandom him.

Nostradamus Sixains IX

Deux estendars du costé de l’Auuergne,Senestre pris, pour un temps prison regne,Et vne Dame enfans voudra mener,Au Censuart mais descouuert l’affaire,Danger de mort murmure sur la terre,Germain, Bastille frere & soeur prisonnier.

Two standards from the direction of Auvergne,The left one taken, for a time prison rule, And a Lady will want to lead her child To the Copy-holder but the affair is discovered, Danger of death and murmur throughout the land, German, brother and sister prisoner in the Bastille.

Nostradamus Sixains X

Ambassadeur pour vne Dame, A son vaisseau mettra la rame, Pour prier le grand medecin : Que de l’oster de telle peine, Mais en ce s’opposera Royne, Grand peine auant qu’en veoir la fin.

The Ambassador for a Lady To his vessel will put the oar, To beseech the great physician That he relieve her of such pain, But to this a Queen will be opposed, Great pain before seeing the end of it.

Nostradamus Sixains XI

Durant le siecle on verra deux ruisseaux, Tout vn terroir inonder de leurs eaux, Et submerger par ruisseaux & fontaines: Coups & Monfrin Beccoyran, & ales,Par le gardon bien souuant trauaillez, Six cens & quatre alez, & trente moines.

During the century one will see two streams Flood an entire land with their waters, And to be submerged by streams and fountains : Shots at Montfrin Bou cced oiron and Alais, Very often troubled by the Gardon, Six hundred and four, and thirty monks.

Nostradamus Sixains XII

Six cens & cinq tres grand nouuelle,De deux Seigneurs la grand querelle,Proche de Genaudan sera,A vne Eglise apres l’offrandeMeurtre commis, prestre demandeTremblant de peur se sauuera.

Six hundred and five very great news, The great quarrel of the two Lords, It will take place near Gevaudan, At a church after the offering Murder committed, the priest begs Trembling with fear he will flee.

Nostradamus Sixains XIII

L’auanturier six cens & six ou neuf, Sera surpris par fiel mis dans vn oeuf, Et peu apres sera hors de puissance Par le puissant Empereur general Qu’au monde n’est vn pareil ny esgal, Dont vn chascun luy rend obeïssance.

Six hundred and six or nine, the adventurer will be surprised by gall put in an egg, And shortly afterwards he will be out of power Through the powerful Emperor-General To whom the world has not an equal, Of which each will render him obedience.

Nostradamus Sixains XIV

Au grand siege encor grands forfaits,Recomman&cced;ans plus que iamais Six cens & cinq sur la verdure,La prise & reprise sera,Soldats és champs iusqu’en froidurePuis apres recommencera.

At the great siege great crimes again, Starting again worse than ever Six hundred and five in the spring, There will take place the capture and recapture, Soldiers in the fields until winter Then afterwards it will begin again.

Nostradamus Sixains XV

Nouueau esleu patron du grand vaisseau,Verra long temps briller le cler flambeauQui sert de lampe à ce grand territoire,Et auquel temps armez sous son nom,Ioinctes à celles de l’heureux de BourbonLeuant, Ponant, & Couchant sa memoire.

The newly elected master of the great vessel, He will see shining for a long time the clear flame Which serves this great territory as a lamp, And at which time armed under his name, Joined with the happy ones of BourbonEast, West and West his memory.

Nostradamus Sixains XVI

En Octobre six cens & cinq.Pouruoyeur du monstre marin,Prendra du souuerain le cresme,Ou en six cens & six, en Iuin,Grand’ ioye aux grands & au commun,Grands faits apres ce grand baptesme.

In October six hundred and five, The purveyor of the marine monster Will take the unction from the sovereign, Or in six hundred and six, in June, Great joy for the common and the great ones alike, Great deeds after this great baptism.

Nostradamus Sixains XVII

Au mesme temps vn grand endurera,Ioyeux mal sain, l’an complet ne verra,Et quelques vns qui seront de la feste,Feste pour vn seulement, à ce iour,Mais peu apres sans faire long seiour,Deux se donront l’vn à l’autre de la teste.

At the same time a great one will suffer, Merry, poor health, he will not see the completion of the year, And several who will be at the feast, Feast for one only, on this day, But shortly afterwards without delaying long, Two will knock their heads together.

Nostradamus Sixains XVIII

Considerant la triste PhilomelleQu’en pleurs & cris sa peine renouuelle,Racoursissant par tel moyen ses iours,Six cens & cinq, elle en verra l’issuë,De son tourment, ia la toille tissuë,Par son moyen senestre aura secours.

Considering the sad Nightingale Who with tears and laments renews her anguish, By such means making her days shorter, Six hundred and five, she will see the end of it, Of her torment, the cloth already woven, By means of it sinister aid will she have.

Nostradamus Sixains XIX

Six cens & cinq, six cens & six & sept,Nous monstrera iusques à l’an dix sept,Du boutefeu l’ire, hayne & enuie,Soubz l’oliuier d’assez long temps caché,Le Crocodril sur la terre acaché,Ce qui estoit mort, sera pour lors en vie.

Six hundred and five, six hundred and six and seven, It will show us up to the year seventeen, The anger, hatred and jealousy of the incendiary, For a long enough time hidden under the olive tree, The Crocodile has hidden on the land, That which was dead will then be alive.

Nostradamus Sixains XX

Celuy qui a par plusieurs foisTenu la cage & puis les bois,R’entre à son premier estreVie sauue peu apres sortir,Ne se sc,achant encor congnoistre,Cherchera sujet pour mourir.

He who several times has Held the cage and then the woods, He will return to the first state, His life safe shortly afterwards to depart, Still not knowing how to know, He will look for a subject in order to die.

Nostradamus Sixains XXI

L’autheur des maux commencera regnerEn l’an six cens & sept sans espargnerTous les subiets qui sont à la sangsuë,Et puis apres s’en viendra peu à peu,Au franc pays r’allumer son feu,S’en retournant d’où elle est issuë.

The author of the evils will begin to reign In the year six hundred and seven without sparing All her subjects who belong to the leach, And then afterwards she will come little by little To the Frank country to relight her fire, Returning whence she has come.

Nostradamus Sixains XXII

Cil qui dira, descouurissant l’affaire,Comme du mort, la mort pourra bien faireCoups de poignards par vn qu’auront induit,Sa fin sera pis qu’il n’aura fait faireLa fin conduit les hommes sur la terre,Guete’ par tout, tant le iour que la nuit.

He who will tell, revealing the affair, As with death, death will be able to do well Blows of daggers which will have been incited by one, His end will be worse than he will have devised to make The end leads the men on land, Watched for everywhere, as much by day as by night.

Nostradamus Sixains XXIII

Quand la grand nef, la prouë & gouuernal,Du franc pays & son esprit vital,D’escueils & flots par la mer secoüée,Six cens & sept, & dix coeur assiegéEt des reflus de son corps affligé,Sa vie estant sur ce mal renoüée.

When the great ship, the prow and rudder Of the Frank land and its vital spirit, By the sea shaken over reef and billow, Six hundred and seven and ten, heart besieged And afflicted by the ebbings of its body, Upon this evil its life being renewed.

Nostradamus Sixains XXIV

Le Mercurial non de trop longue vie,Six cens & huict & vingt, grand maladie,Et encor pis danger de feu & d’eau,Son grand amy lors luy sera contraire,De tels hazards se pourroit bien distraire,Mais bref, le fer luy fera son tombeau.

The Mercurial not of too long a life, Six hundred and eight and twenty, great sickness, And yet worse danger from fire and water, His great friend will the be against him, With such hazards he could divert himself well enough, But in brief, the sword will cause his death.

Nostradamus Sixains XXV

Six cens & six, six cens & neuf,Vn Chancelier gros comme vn boeuf,Vieux comme le Phoenix du monde,En ce terroir plus ne luyra,De la nef d’oubly passera,Aux champs Elisiens faire ronde.

Six hundred and six, six hundred and nine, A Chancellor large as an ox, Old as the Phoenix of the world, In this world will shine no more, He will pass with the ship of oblivion, To the Elysian Fields to make his round.

Nostradamus Sixains XXVI

Deux freres sont de l’ordre Ecclesiastique,Dont l’vn prendra pour la France la picque,Encor vn coup si l’an six cens & sixN’est affligé d’vne grande maladie,Les armes en main iusques six cens & dix,Gueres plus loing ne s’estendant sa vie.

Two brothers are of the Ecclesiastical order, One of them will take up the pike for France, Another blow if in the year six hundred and six He is not afflicted with a great malady, Arms in his hand up to six hundred and ten, Scarcely much further does his life extend.

Nostradamus Sixains XXVII

Celeste feu du costé d’Occident,Et du Midy, courir iusques au Leuant, Vers demy morts sans point trouuer racine,Troisiesme aage, à Mars le Belliqueux,Des Escarboucles on verra briller feux,Aage Escarboucle, & à la fin famine.

Celestial fire from the Western side, And from the South, running up to the East, Worms half dead without finding even a root. Third age, for Mars the Warlike, One will see fires shining from the Carbuncles. Age a Carbuncle, and in the end famine.

Nostradamus Sixains XXVIII

L’an mil six cens & neuf ou quatorziesme,Le vieux Charon fera Pasques en Caresme,Six cens & six, par escript le mettraLe Medecin, de tout cecy s’estonne,A mesme temps assigné en personneMais pour certain l’vn d’eux comparoistra.

The year one thousand six hundred and nine or fourteen, The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent, Six hundred and six, in writing he will place it The Physician, by all this is astonished, At the same time summoned in person But for certain one of them will appear.

Nostradamus Sixains XXIX

Le Griffon se peut apresterPour à l’ennemy resister,Et renforcer bien son armée,Autrement l’Elephant viendraQui d’vn abord le surprendra,Six cens & huict, mer enflammée.

The Griffon is able to prepare himself For resisting the enemy, And to reinforce well his army, Otherwise the Elephant will come He who will suddenly surprise him, Six hundred and eight, the sea aflame.

Nostradamus Sixains XXX

Dans peu de temps Medecin du grand mal,Et la sangsuë d’ordre & rang inegal,Mettront le feu à la branche d’Oliue,Poste courir, d’vn & d’autre costé,Et par tel feu leur Empire accosté,Se r’alumant du franc finy saliue.

In a short while the Physician of the great disease, And the leech of the unequal rank and order, They will set fire to the Olive branch, Post running, from one side and another, And by means of such fire their Empire approached, Being rekindled by the Frank saliva finished.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXI

Celuy qui a, les hazards surmonté,Qui fer, feu, eauë, n’a iamais redouté, Et du pays bien proche du Basacle,D’vn coup de fer tout le monde estouné, Par Crocodil estrangement donne’,Peuple raui de veoir vn tel spectacle.

He who has overcome the hazards, Who has ne’er dreaded sword, fire, water, And of the country very close to Toulouse, By a blow of steel the entire world astonished, Strangely given by the Crocodile, People delighted to see such a spectacle.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXII

Vin a` foison, tres bon pour les gendarmes,Pleurs & souspirs, plainctes cris & alarmeLe Ciel fera ses tonnerres pleuuoirFeu, eau & sang, le tout mesle’ ensemble,Le Ciel de sol, en fremit & en tremble,Viuant n’a veu ce qu’il pourra bien veoir.

Wine in abundance, very good for the troops, Tears and sighs, complaints, groans and alarm The Sky will cause its thunderbolts to rainFire, water and blood, all mixed together, Sun’s heaven, shaking and trembling from it, That which can be seen clearly no living person has ever seen.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXIII

Bien peu apres sera tres grande misere,Du peu de bled, qui sera sur la terre,Du Dauphine’, Prouence & Viuarois,Au Viuarois est vn pauure presage,Pere du fils, sera entropophage,Et mangeront racine & gland du bois.

Very soon after there will be very great misery, From the scarcity of grain, which will be on the land Of Dauphiny, Provence and Vivarais, To Vivarais it is a poor prediction, Father will eat his own son, And from the woods they will eat root and acorn.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXIV

Princes & Seigneurs tous se feront la guerre,Cousin germain le frere auec le frere, Finy l’Arby de l’heureux de Bourbon,De Hierusalem les Princes tant aymables,Du fait commis enorme & execrable,Se ressentiront sur la bourse sans fond.

Princes and Lords will all make war against one another, First cousin brother against brother, Araby by the happy ones of Bourbon finished, The Princes of Jerusalem very agreeable, Of the heinous and execrable deed committed, They will feel the effects on the bottomless purse.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXV

Dame par mort grandement attristée,Mere & tutrice au sang qui la quittée,Dame & Seigneurs, faits enfans orphelins,Par les aspics & par les Crocodilles,Seront surpris forts Bourgs, Chasteaux VillesDieu tout puissant les garde des malins.

Ram by dead largely saddened, Mere and tutor with the blood which it left, Lady & Lords, made enfans orphan, By the aspics & by the Crocodiles, Will be surprised forts Bourgs, Chasteaux VillesDieu very powerful the guard of the malignant ones.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXVI

L grand rumeur qui sera par la France,Les impuissans voudront auoir puissance,Langue emmiellée & vrays Cameleons,De boutefeux, allumeurs de Chandelles,Pyes & geyes, rapporteurs de nouuellesDont la morsure semblera Scorpions.

Nostradamus Sixains XXXVII

Foible & puissant seront en grand discord,Plusieurs mourront auant faire l’accordFoible au puissant vainqueur se fera dire,Le plus puissant au ieune cedera,Et le plus vieux des deux decedera,Lors que l’vn d’eux enuahira l’Empire.

Foible and  powerful will be into large discord, Several will die auant to make agreement Foible the powerful winner will be made say, most powerful to the ieune will yield, And oldest of both will die, At the time l’ vn d’ they will enuahira l’ Worsen.
Nostradamus Sixains XXXVIII
Par eauë, & par fer, & par grande maladie,Le pouuoyeur à l’hazer de sa vieS&cced;aura combien vaut le quintal du bois,Six cens & quinze, ou le dixneufiesme,On grauera d’vn grand Prince cinquiesmeL’immortel nom, sur le pied de la Croix.
Nostradamus Sixains XXXIX
Le pouruoyeur du monstre sans pareil,Se fera veoir ainsi que le Soleil,Montant le long la ligne Meridienne,En poursuiuant l’Elephant & le loup,Nul Empereur ne fit iamais tel coup,Et rien plus pis à ce Prince n’aduienne.
Nostradamus Sixains XL
Ce qu’en viuant le pere n’auoit sceu,Il acquerra ou par guerre ou par feuEt combatre la sangsuë irritée,Ou iouyra de son bien paternelEt fauory du grand Dieu EternelAura bien tost sa Prouince heritée.
Nostradamus Sixains XLI
Vaisseaux, galleres auec leur estendar,S’entrebattront prés du mont GilbattarEt lors sera fors faits à Pampelonne,Qui pour son bien souffrira mille maux,Par plusieurs fois soustiendra les assaux,Mais à la fin vnie à la Couronne.
Nostradamus Sixains XLII
La grand’Cité où est le premier homme,Bien amplement la ville ie vous nomme,Tout en alarme, & le soldat és champsPar fer & eaue”, grandement affligée,Et a` la fin des Franc,ois soulagée,Mais ce sera de’s six cens & dix ans.
Nostradamus Sixains XLIII
Le petit coing, Prouinces mutinéesPar forts Chasteaux se verront dominées,Encor vn coup par la gent militaire,Dans bref seront fortement assiegez,Mais ils seront d’vn tres grand soulagez,Qui aura fait entre’e dans Beaucaire.
Nostradamus Sixains XLIV
La belle rose en la France admiree,D’vn tres grand Prince à la fin desirée,Six cens & dix, lors naistront ses amoursCinq ans apres, sera d’vn grand blessée,Du trait d’Amour, elle sera enlassée,Si a` quinze ans du Ciel rec,oit secours.
Nostradamus Sixains XLV
De coup de fer tout le monde estonné,Pa Crocodil estrangement donné,A vn bien grand, parent de la sangsuë,Et peu apres sera vn autre coupDe guet à pens, commis contre le loup,Et de tels faits on ne verra l’issuë.
Nostradamus Sixains XLVI
Le pouruoyeur mettra tout en desroute,Sansuë & loup, en mon dire n’escouteQuand Mars sera au signe du MoutonIoint à Saturne, & Saturne à la Lune,Alors sera ta plus grande infortune,Le Soleil lors en exaltation.
Nostradamus Sixains XLVII
Le grand d’Hongrie, ira dans la nacelle,Le nouueau né fera guerre nouuelleA son voisin qu’il tiendra assiegé,Et le noireau auec son altesse,Ne souffrira, que par trop on le presse,Durant trois ans ses gens tiendra rangé.
Nostradamus Sixains XLVIII
Du vieux Charron on verra le Phoenix,Estre premier & dernier des fils,Reluyre en France, & d’vn chascun aymable,Regner long temps auec tous les honneursQu’auront iamais eu ses precesseursDont il rendra sa gloire memorable.
Nostradamus Sixains XLIX
Venus & Sol, Iupiter & MercureAugmenteront le genre de natureGrande alliance en France se fera,Et du Midy la sangsuë de mesme,Le feu esteint par ce remede extreme,En terre ferme Oliuer plantera.
Nostradamus Sixains L
Vn peut deuant ou apres l’AngleterrePar mort de loup, mise aussi bas que terre,Verra le feu resister contre l’eau,Le r’alumant auecques telles forceDu sang humain, dessus l’humaine escorceFaite de pain, bondance de cousteau.
Nostradamus Sixains LI
La Ville qu’auoit en ses ansCombatu l’iniure du temps,Qui de son vainqueur tient la vie,Celuy qui premier l’a surprist,Que peu apre Franc,ois repristPar combats encor affoiblie.
Nostradamus Sixains LII
La grand Cité qui n’a pain à demy,Encor vn coup la sainct Barthelemy,Engrauera au profond de son ame,Nismes, Rochelle, Geneue & Montpellier,Castres, Lyon, Mars entrant au Belier,S’entrebattront le tout pour vne Dame.
Nostradamus Sixains LIII
Plusieurs mourront auant que Phoenix meure,Iusques six cens septante est sa demeure,Passé quinze ans, vingt & vn trente neuf.Le premier est subiet à maladie,Et le second au fer, danger de vie,Au feu à l’eau, est subiect à trente-neuf.
Nostradamus Sixains LIV
Six cens & quinze, vingt, grand Dame mourra,Et peu apres vn fort long temps plouura,Plusieurs pays, Flandres & l’Angleterre,Seront par feu & par fer affligez,De leurs voisins longuement assiegez,Contraints seront de leurs faire la guerre.
Nostradamus Sixains LV
Vn peu deuant ou apres tres grand’ Dame,Son ame au Ciel, & son corps soubs la lame,De plusieurs gens regrette’e sera,Tous ses parens seront en grand’ tristesse,Pleurs & souspirs d’vne Dame en ieunesse,Et à deux grands, le dueil delaissera.
Nostradamus Sixains LVI
Tost l’Elephant de toutes parts verraQuand pouruoyeur au Griffon se ioindra,Sa ruine proche, & Mars qui tousiours gronde:Fera grands faits aupres de terre saincte,Grands estendars sur la terre & sur l’onde,Si la nef a este’ de deux freres enceinte.
Nostradamus Sixains LVII
Peu apres l’aliance faicte,Auant solemniser la feste,L’Empereur le tout troublera,Et la nouuelle mariée,Au franc pays par sort liée,Dans peu de temps apres mourra.
Nostradamus Sixains LVIII
Sangsuë en peu de temps mourra,Sa mort bon signe nous donra,Pour l’accroissement de la France,Alliance se trouueront,Deux grands Royaumes se ioindront,Fran&cced;ois aura sur eux puissance.